I Believe in Walking the Talk!

Yes, that’s me at my peak – Don’t worry, I don’t look like that all the time haha. 😉 -view “About Me”

I know the struggle all too well, I’ve been there. We all have different goals and I’m devoted to helping others shed extra weight and increase their productivity by showing them delicious nutrition & targeted training plans that are lifestyle specific and most importantly MAINTAINABLE!

My name is Karlinka Colyn and I show others how to enhance their personal & professional lives.  

If you want to take your body & mind to the next level, watch the free training below!

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Our Happy Customers

Anthony F

Working with Karlinka has been life changing. I have so much more energy, i sleep better and have lost weight!

She is a great mentor and give clear explanations for her recommendations. I can whole heartedly recommend Karlinka, her practicality and understanding made the process easier.


Since I was 15 I have tried many fitness coaches and programs, only to lose weight and gain it all back. I came across LinkaFit who told me to do the opposite of what I’ve been doing all my life. Using the guidelines LinkaFit gave me on diet and exercise, I managed to move from 88 to 75kgs in just 3 months, and still off 4 months down the line. Don’t waste your time, LinkaFit is the way to go!

Ginny T

When I started training Karlinka helped me and motivated me through everything she helped me understand why we did the certain training …. when you feel down she will lift you up and encourage you to never give up,

She is very motivated and I truly recommend her to help you through your fitness!

Alan M

Im a sceptic in general, but since working with LinkaFit, made me feel better physically day to day, but also helped me manage stress and make better choices.

She has proved to me the link between food and mental health. This has been a great investment for myself and on top of it she is a joy to work with.

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How to Deal with Food Guilt

First and foremost, I blame the mainstream media for the myth of an ideal body type and for labelling foods as either good or bad. We’ve been lead to believe that indulgence is a bad thing. Many popular ways of eating (diets, for lack of a better term) are constructed around avoiding indulgence altogether and […]

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Making Meals Work For You

When life is busy (which, let’s face it, is basically all the time), a simple food plan makes things a lot easier.⁣ These are just some ideas – nutritious, easy options, with plenty of protein to keep you full, and a variety of nutrients for #health ?⁣You can eat in a variety of ways and […]

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How Mindset & Habits Change your life

Many people think about the weight loss they want, and then look for the diet plan that will take them there.⁣ ⁣They look for the foods they should or shouldn’t eat, and the exercises they should do. ⁣ ⁣Then they jump in, try to do it all, wishing and hoping for fast results.⁣⁣They focus mostly […]

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